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ive always wanted to be a streamer. the reason being is when i was younger my brother an i had everything we wanted and games were our go to entertainment. as i got older i notice that some people would love to play the games an not be able to afford them therselves so i would like to share my expierience on games threw my streams an give you all a good stream. 




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About Duane Evans

Hello everyone. my name is Duane. i am a bikere guy that loves his 2 wheels. i also love playing video games. I've been a gamer since the age i can remember and that has been yrs ago. Well i had a bad accident on my motorcycle a couple yrs ago that left me with a damaged ankle. so all my fun years went out the door after that tragedy. so ive recently started to stream on mixer.com/redline100g an have been loving every minute of it. Dont plan on turning back. im here to stay. So if you wouldnt mind hangin out for a while feel free to stop pass an show some love. drop a follow even play games with me. Thank you for taking some time out to check me out hope to see u there.

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