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welcome to my patreon this is a place u can pay me on what i do 
to help me live support my chan as a fan somethings i love to do
on my chan is rap about a girl im in love with but i like to call it 
poetry so youll know its me when it sounds like hip hop but aint
all like that other rap stuff more romantic and some of the other 
things i just love to do are dance sing even if its there song and 
im messing it up i can make u stuff watched the video yet basically
cover most of this and its my lil reality show me my life my dreams
and aspirations hope to see some new fans and such would love
some new supporters and maybe we can colab or help eachother 
out hey im a get to skidattling have a wonderfull peace full 
kick azz day yall i have u awesome more awesome then any sauces 
all though some are really good for dippin .

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