Vermilion trail construction

is creating Lumber from trees then a brand new home out of the lumber




per month

About Vermilion trail construction

Hi I’m Tyler Scuffy I’m a carpenter but I have always wanted my own business since age 3 so pretty excited to get this going I’m almost done with my first project but it has came to a pause because I’m out of funds again I plan to. Build 25 homes in a row .  I do everything from putting the road in to the septic system and water well.  I’m going to start putting geothermal heat on the next one .  I am all by myself doing the work so some things are more time consuming.  So first I built sawmill cause I have 40 wooded acres so I will cut at least five houses worth of wood right from home before I would have to buy any saw logs.  Then I decided to section 9 acres off my land for number 1 and went for it . I’m really close to being done most people would have given up by now it has been a long road so far getting this first one up finically but after the first one should be ok.  Would like to hire someone who cuts wood all the time for the homes but also I want to get a planner and start makeing tongue groove to sell and that will be another great way to make money and we will a lot of our own products.