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Welcome on the page of this project!

The first step of a global marathon in creation of the fine and profitable ideas.

I won't stretch and long and to describe banal things, so I will pass to a subject at once.

My name is Ramil, I from Orenburg, Russia, I am 24 years old. I am the owner of the offline of business, in the sphere of restaurant business and in the trade sphere.
On life I am an inventor, the creator of the unique ideas and decisions. A week ago I have thought over creation huge a crowdfunding project, which includes 98 ideas for realization. At the moment I have accurately worked all aspects, pluses and minuses, financial performance, the number of necessary collecting and profitability of the ideas. Each idea is unique, was created personally by me, and has the international audience of the interested clients and users.

The ideas generally with entry into the international market, are also several local, based mainly in the large cities. In bigger quantity it is the Internet - services, it is slightly less from them in the trade sphere.

Сrowdfund project bases - in speeds of realization of each idea, a deadline of everyone - 240 hours. All 98 projects are implemented for 3 years of work. Any invested funds pay off in 7 months, at start of all projects, that is 171% per year. Sponsors own the share, and receive monthly dividends in proportion to the contribution sum, services and goods of each project with a considerable discount, or at all as a gift are available to them, and are with co-owners of each project. Agree, being a co-owner of Facebook or Airbnb in this life is possible more of anything not to think, and projects I have prepared enough, capable to compete or maintain partnership.

I won't light projects as have 100% uniqueness, and the probability of theft of intellectual property, especially on such platforms is high. But it is ready to assure you, at the full volume of collecting, we will start powerful holding with 98 subsidiaries, from different spheres of life which will feed your grandsons, and grandsons of your grandsons.

In what my interest in development of so large number of projects if I am so confident in their profitability? For me the most great interest is attracted by development and start of the ideas, maintenance and development of projects. Starting development I think before of the idea, of her need for life, of the possible embodiment in the future. Financial performance is calculated for sponsors, they wish to get more profits, than to subdue spirit of the creator and innovator.

Big money - creates a stream of a bigger profit.
What you receive for a contribution to development of this collecting.
  • Of course, if you have already made the investments in development of prototypes, then the contribution to development, and acquisition of the percent from the general profit totally of all ideas will be the following step at once. Therefore at first collecting on the main project will be behind closed doors - in which only the supported this collecting is invited. The quantity of shares of all holding is limited, you hurry to get to the closed club of owners hundreds of services and shops.
  • Backstage. Meetings and conferences of sponsors of the first stage, after the first stage, we already know that you are a reliable player, and you can trust intellectual property and information, so we will be able to share each of projects, to tell all news about advance and preparation, to answer your questions and to accept your suggestions for improvement of the ideas, to share with each other experience, and communication channels for success of all direction and a marathon in general.
  • If desired and your competence to various positions what there will be a huge number - after consideration of the candidate and decision-making, accommodation of sponsors of the first and second circle to the leading and checking positions, with full access to business in general is possible.
I could tell here beautifully, about that as it is important to risk in life, about beautiful and boundless prospects of the project as all this will improve your life and a financial state, but such projects find the sponsors sooner or later if you don't want to risk - don't risk. There is a wish to taste cake without beautiful wrapper not really, and having seen a stuffing we begin to be sorry about not made

Thanks for attention, I wait for you in the ranks of partners!

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Each project needs a prototype for further development and presentation to the general public for more successful fundraising
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