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Hey everyone! My name is Jonas, but just call me Aeon.
I'm an 18-year-old YouTuber, gamer and entertainer with a passion video making and.. well.. entertainment.

For me YouTube is something that I've always dreamt about. Ever since I found the let's play scene on YouTube through channels like Chuggaaconroy, I've always dreamt about being an online entertainer. Ever since I was 9 years old, I have been narrating myself playing video games, and commentating on myself, and now, 9 years later, I've built up the courage to move in to the big scene on YouTube.

I'm formerly known as a Geometry Dash YouTuber, but have recently decided to move in to the big scene, as the game has run dry for me. I'm going to make content on all the major new releases from Nintendo, Sony and for PC, or any game that interests me, or games the viewers want to see.
I have a huge passion for what I do, and the reason why I decided to start this Patreon, is simply because I'm dependant on the income to keep doing what I do. I've moved out of my parents house at a decently young age to persue what I dream about, so the Patreon money is something that comes in to help me pay my bills.

I don't expect people to donate any sum of money, but any donation is very much appreciated. 1 dollar from 1 person isn't going to pay my bills, but if enough people donate 1 dollar each month, it will help me live and persue my dream of being an online entertainer.

Much love everyone <3
0 of 25 patrons
When I reach 25 patreons for my channel, I will open up a Discord server for all my patreons to interact with me, and get to know me more personally. It will be a fun place where we can all hang out, have fun and talk about anything you'd like! It is a place where you and I can discuss, and have fun.
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