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Hello everyone,

My name is Andrew Wortman. I am 32 years old. I have a BA and a Masters degree in Psychology. After several post-graduate years struggling to decide what to do with my life, I think I've finally figured it out.

Ever since the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election that stunned the world--and the country in particular--I have made a concerted effort to become more involved in the online political/social media world in the hopes of helping (to whatever degree possible) to facilitate the following:

a.) Helping others like myself make sense of what had happened, HOW it happened, & perhaps most importantly, how to go forward with the lessons we've learned and commit to taking action to ensure something like this never happens again for as long as we live.

b.) Enlightening people about the true nature of "President" Donald J. Trump; a man who's only consistent "achievement" throughout his entire 71 year life has been his seemingly unparalleled propensity for corruption, deceit, exploitation, narcissism, self-aggrandizement, arrogance, denigration of women/minorities, lack of any sense of compassion, morality, or concern for others, & complete and utter failure at virtually everything he's ever attempted (both personally & professionally).

c.) Advocate for and encourage others to adopt a positive constructive optimistic framework for both coming to terms with our "loss" of the election & organizing our thoughts and efforts for what we CAN do in its wake. This includes underscoring the many positive effects of this seemingly unilaterally cataclysmic outcome as well as championing the notion that this in many ways may ultimately prove to be a blessing in disguise in its potential to unify us in our opposition to this madman.

d.) Being a continual source of strength, support, advocacy, humor, compassion, friendship, positive reinforcement and guidance for all members of the growing Resistance against the Trump regime. This is of principal importance to me because of how strongly I identify with the profound sense of disillusionment & despair felt by so many millions of fellow Americans since the evening of Nov. 8th/early AM hours of Nov. 9th.

I started a Twitter account in June of 2016, but quickly stopped posting after my initial tweet to then-Presidential candidate Trump about the hopelessness of his prospective candidacy for the Oval Office. In the weeks leading up to the election, however, I began to use it more.

After the ludicrous & unthinkable result was officialized on the early hours of Wednesday, Nov. 9th, I realized I needed to step up and help lead/organize/direct/assist/etc. a movement of Resistance against Trump. This movement would be rooted in a fundamental rejection of his candidacy, his disgraceful demeanor/campaign tactics, his blatantly illegitimate "victory" over the infinitely & unequivocally more qualified, intelligent, stable, & dignified candidate who we supported and had tremendous hopes for not only attaining the presidency, but for the multitude of positive changes she campaigned on that would have improved the lives of millions of struggling individuals and families across the nation.

I've worked tirelessly to expand my reach/presence online since then, setting aside many hours every single day to engage w/ my followers (e.g. answer any questions, respond to or like/RT their mentions/comments, and check trending topics of discussion in the realm of politics that has officially become a twilight-zone or parallel universe of sorts). In addition, I began to allocate time to account/follow maintenance, e.g. unfollowing any/all who had neglected or chosen not to return my own, reach out to other individuals in hopes of obtaining additional followers and growing my reach/voice/capacity to become an increasingly powerful member/champion of the Resistance.

To my pleasant surprise, my efforts have paid off more than I ever anticipated, and in the 17 months since the election, I have amassed almost 45,000 followers.

However, the amount of time I have had to put in to do this has required me to scale back my work hours to such an extent that I decided to set up an account here for fans of mine to support the work I am doing on Twitter. There is no pressure to do this, as you can access my Twitter content for free simply by following me. However, if you do want to support the mission I’ve undertaken online and help facilitate my ability to continue it, you can do so here. Thanks so much!

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