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This is for you lovely people who just want to contribute to my further existence on the planet. Thank you! Now what do you get?

* Access to selected unpublished (for now!) fiction and/or once-monthly offerings from a variety of genres to be produced for this Patreon.

* Occasional video and audio samples.

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For you kind, and decent folk who want to make sure that not only do I continue to exist, but that there are snacks and assorted refreshments. Big Thank You!

* Access to selected unpublished (for now!) fiction and once-monthly offerings from a variety of genres.

* Open access to all video and audio samples.

*Sneak peeks at upcoming novels and works-in-progress

*Any other goodies that I can think up just to say a proper thank-you for your contribution.

*Possibly my undying adoration. 



About B.R. Marsten


My name is B.R. Marsten. I'm an independent fiction writer and storyteller. What do I write? Well, so far, everything. Fantasy Fiction, Thrillers, Sci-Fi and Erotica, mostly, but I've tried my hand at all sorts of stories, and will probably continue to do so until I win the lottery, or that rich uncle calls to discuss my inheritance. 

While I usually write novels for publication on Amazon (5 and counting!), my Muse is a bit of a taskmaster and I find myself with a lot of short stories and ideas that I don't really have a place for yet. I'm intending to use this patreon to put those unloved, unshared stories into the world, to spur myself into possibly developing them into something more, and to offer newcomers to my fiction a chance to get to know me and my writing better. I'm new to asking people for cash, so some of this will be a work in progress. Work in progress may be read as "possible train wreck", but you know, "All aboard!!!"

Kind-hearted souls willing to put a little jingle in my tip cup will have access to short stories, sneak-peeks at my novels - old and new- and access to lots of unpublished things that I'd love to share, but just didn't have a place to do so before Patreon. I'll have some giveaways, too, some writer-chat sessions, and maybe if I'm brave a few videos or book readings if I can work up the nerve. And find a comb...

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When I reach 25 patrons I will post a sample chapter from the novel I've been shopping around to agents and publishers.
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