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My Wattpad:

-About Me-
My name is Adam, but you know me as '"Tall-Tale Garth'". I'm a young journeyman harboring dreams of writing stories to share with all those willing to learn them. I live in a relatively unknown town in the United States, with few people to talk to and fewer places to go. My hobbies should be obvious to anyone who has arrived here due to some of my own personal shameless advertising, I write stories and review stories. In addition to those though I quite enjoy playing video games, sleeping, thinking, studying history (Middle Ages & Ancient World), and the occasional walk or swim.

-What do I do exactly?-
My first forms of internet content were short stories I posted on Wattpad. On there you'll find my earliest works that I shared with the world. I continue to upload my writings to Wattpad and intend to for some time. In more recent days I have realized another pastime of mine that I could share with the world, and that is discussing and reviewing stories. Namely, books. I plan to begin uploading videos of my book reviews to Youtube soon.

-The Big Question-
Yeah here it is. Why donate? Well, don't. I have no necessity for funding to keep me alive or support me in any way at this time and I am not greedy. I'm a minor living under the care of my excellent parents, I have no real job, and honestly have nothing but time on my hands. Money is always nice though. As you can see from my 20$ a month goal, I'll increase my content creation without hesitation if it turns out I can earn a living from it. When my time as a minor is up and I'm thrust out into the world, I will have a bit of a necessity for funding to support me.

-Frequently Asked Questions-
  1. How'd you pick the name "Tall-Tale Garth?" A: Well I make my trade in tales, be it making or reviewing them. I'm quite tall for my age, and Garth (in my opinion at least) sounds like the name of a wandering mystery man who collects stories and tells them to any audience willing to listen.
  2. How old are you? A: I'm a minor by American standards, so I'll leave it at that for now.
  3. Where are you from? A: A little po-dunky town with limited people and places to interact with. Nowhere that interests you now and won't for some time. If you insist, I may be persuaded to reveal this location in the future.
  4. Are you working on any real books? A: I am! And I intend to get them published too!
  5. Why do you upload to Wattpad then? A: I started uploading ideas I had but deemed unworthy to be written into books on Wattpad at first in an attempt to build a bit of a name for myself, but it has turned into a rather enjoyable pastime.
  6. How did you get into storytelling? A: This is a bit of a cheaty answer and I apologize for that. I want to be able to give more rewards to my fantastic patrons, so in the future I plan to host Q&A streams specially for them.
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I'll actually sit down and work out a schedule for putting out content to stick to! Also I'll see about getting someone to create some art for my profiles.
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