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For a buck you will get pencils of every page of Volume 2 of The Golden Bone Gambit! Pencils will be uploaded here with raw unfinished dialogue. You will also get the finished inked and lettered pages in advance of being published online. Pencil pages are exclusive to patrons! You also get a PDF of the original Milt story, The Treasure Stealers!
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Three dollars gets you pencils of every page of Volume 2 of The Golden Bone Gambit, inked and lettered pages in advance of being published online. Pencil pages are exclusive to patrons! I'm a process junkie and like to take pics of work in progress. I will share them here and answer any kind of questions. Also, you will receive a PDF of the Deluxe Edition of Milt: The Treasure Stealers, Milt's first adventure! I'm also going to throw in my books "Dead Man & Other Stories" and "Censored!" (Censored has cute animals, but is definitely NSFW! just from the language.)
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For ten bucks you get the pencils, the week's comic in advance, the sketches, the random stuff, the PDF of the Deluxe Edition of Milt: The Treasure Stealers, "Dead Man & Other Stories," "Censored!" and a 9x12 ink drawing of any Milt or Stupendo-Dog character. Your choice!




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About Joe Simmons

The Golden Bone Gambit, Vol. 2!
Volume 2 of The Golden Bone Gambit starts right here! As a patron, you will get access to every penciled page of the new volume, with rough dialogue, as well as the finished inked and lettered pages in advance of the weekly strips. You can also get yourself a 9x12 sketch of a character and a signed copy of Volume 1!

Who the hell is Joe Simmons?
I am the one asking for your support. I am a writer and artist of comics and webcomics. I am currently writing, drawing and coloring (well, graytones) The Golden Bone Gambit, the action-adventure comic that runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I have a day job at a big-time audiobook publisher and do freelance book covers for independent authors.

Somehow with a full time job and a webcomic I am also co-plotting and drawing a crazy webcomic called Flannel Shirt Guy with my buddy and writing partner PB DeBerry. It hasn't launched yet but progress pics will be posted here. If you like mercenary penguins and ninja clowns, you'll love it.

Why become a patron?
I was born to tell stories. I've been drawing and writing stories and comics for as long as I can remember. Becoming a patron is like getting a subscription to all of my work. The Golden Bone Gambit is public and can be seen three times a week. Becoming a patron give you an exclusivel ook at behind-the-scenes work and videos (like the one below). I have a notebook full of Stupendo-Dog stories and that guy keeps begging me to draw another one. When that happens, they will be patron-only and available here.

I believe in giving people their money's worth of content, even for a dollar. You will be a patron of a body of work, not just the ongoing web comic, and it should all be a lot of fun!


What is The Golden Bone Gambit?
The Golden Bone Gambit is the second story starring MILT! The first Milt story, The Treasure Stealers was a mini-comic I created and posted online every day during the month of August in 2011. It was a great experiment and a lot of fun.

Now, Milt is back with a new job, to recover the mysterious Golden Bone from the evil Mr. Bunn. The Golden Bone Gambit is more of a finished comic than The Treasure Stealers was, and it is a 100% action-adventure story! The characters may be animals, but they're not cutesy. No one is safe in a Milt comic!

Is MILT ongoing?
Yes it is! The Golden Bone Gambit is the first big story of the Milt ongoing web comic. As planned, it should run around 120 pages with a big ending. The second ongoing story is already plotted and itching to be drawn! And I am weeks ahead on the strips so there should be no delays or breaks in the schedule.

How many strips per month?
Milt runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so twelve strips a month!

I want to be a patron, where can I find other work to prove you're not a hack?
I don't know if this will prove it, but you can see most of my work here, the home of Stupendo-Dog! my first big web comic creation. There is a list of comics on that page that will show that I like comics about dogs and chickens. Oh, and a horse doctor.

That's it!
The Golden Bone Gambit is up and running right now and there is no stopping it! Feel free to check it out before pledging, and thanks!

Here's a quick video of a Milt page in progress! I'm not sure why it recorded upside down.

$0 of $3,000 per month
If this big goal is met, Milt will go from three days a week to five! It's a big goal and even seems like a lot of work, but the story is there and ready to be told!
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