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First of all excuse my bad English, sorry to use this medium for a purpose that is not expected by this page and by you, but I see myself in need as a responsible parent since I have done everything possible because my 4 year old daughter deserves an opportunity of life, of study, of stability and enjoyment of an own education, but unfortunately in my country Venezuela at the moment it is not possible to give it, worldwide it is known that in my country we live under a dictatorial regime that makes it impossible to achieve fulfill the dreams of my little girl, we lived every day a humanitarian crisis that makes it impossible to bring a plate of food to the table, I am a professional, I am a computer engineer, with more than 15 years of graduation and I have not been able to get my small outside the country to give a good education and security, unfortunately I do not have enough money because here there are no sources of jobs that generate me the amount needed to get it out, and makes I did not do it because I really know it's the life of an emigrant and because I thought that everything could change in my country, but the situation became more complicated and now, like me, there are many of us who are under a drug regime who do not care about life of the Venezuelans that we really love this country, they just want to continue to perpetuate themselves to continue profiting from the drug trafficking that is the only thing left to them, every day many of my Venezuelan brothers die from malnutrition, but because of insecurity, there are no means of transportation, no means of communication and the few we have to communicate to the outside persecute us and disappear, for this reason I only ask my Lord Jesus Christ that whoever can read this writing understand the situation that I live every day with my little baby, I fear every day for his life, for his education, for his safety, this was not what I wanted to plan for my daughter and I am very embarrassed to go to this medium to gather enough and be able take it out, I do not ask for amounts but my God touch your heart and reflect that every human being does not deserve to be exterminated by poorly applied policies and much less by dictators like the one we have in Venezuela, I do not have dollar accounts or money in my currency local just open a bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet that is the only means I have to gather enough to get my daughter out of the country and thus be able to give a better quality of life elsewhere, is a baby who deserves a better life, I apologize again for my despair, but a responsible father does what is necessary for his little daughter to grow up healthy.

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