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About No Wing Media

For centuries this status quo has remained unchallenged; for Information is Power and those who control the knowledge of the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.
Never like before has our hearts & minds been able to look past our own borders and see the rest of the world for what it is: People experiencing the same struggle of being exploited by State and Multinational Interests, to varying degrees.

No Wing Media is driven by exposing the Corrupt through investigatory Video Journalism & Documenting the Will of Social & Political Activists whose fights & struggles against those in power are seemingly never-ending as they are numerous.

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Complete Equipment Upgrade & overhaul.

  • Current Video/Audio equipment - 10 minute recording limit counter-productive for live event filming - Limited to one angle at any one time - An upgrade in Audio equipment will lead to more frequent and professional Interviews.
  • Current Editing Suite. - Outdated editing software leads  to increasingly frequent Crashing - Outdated Graphics Hardware and processor lead to a Considerable Slowdown in Production Output.
All goals are Dedicated to  improving the Quality, Depth and Frequency of No Wing Media Conent.
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