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You are the core of the Hikma History Movement. You will  get the chance to vote on the next topic you would like to see covered!  

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One of the best indicators of an empire's prestige was the production of scholarship - your work is going to help us become an elite civilisation. In return you will receive the above +  be given a shout out in the bio of our next video. 

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Now that we are an established state, we need bureaucracy to maintain ourselves at the top - you have achieved the rank of Agha, a civilian officer which was especially prominent in the Ottoman Empire. In return you will receive all the above + written shout-out in our next video. 




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About Hikma History

Hello everyone!
My name is Tariq and I'm the creator of Hikma History.

Join me in delving into the amazing and dynamic history of the Islamic world, tracking the highs and lows through momentous battles, awe-inspiring monuments, legendary figures and incredible cities.

The last year has been great as our social media exposure has grown to over 25,000 followers across all platforms! I spend a lot of my free time to plan, research and edit Hikma History-related material and I can confidently say that the next 12 months will EXCEED everyone's expectations.

I have just passed the 1st year of my PhD in History and I would love it if Hikma History could generate enough money that I wouldn't have to dedicate time and energy to a part-time job. But I won't just be pocketing the money - instead I hope to invest your support into improving the quality of the YouTube videos with better software and equipment and books for research.

Eventually, your money will allow me to expand into other ventures; one that I am really passionate about is a weekly Podcast which would discuss similar issues to the YouTube videos but at greater length. I wanted to keep this a secret... but here goes: I am also writing a Hikma History book! This is obviously a long-term project but I have already made a start and your generosity will allow me to dedicate more time to it. Way into the (hopefully not too) distant future, I'm aiming to create Hikma History documentaries - which will initially be centered on the Mediterranean region.

Patrons will forever have my gratitude - but that's not enough, is it? So I will also be rewarding your generosity with shout-outs in the videos as well as joining livestreams! In the interest of democracy, I will also allow Patrons to vote for which topics I cover next as well as taking direct requests for what the next videos should be about!
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This figure will help to cover the expense of books, website hosting and coffee!
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