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Hello, my name is Casey and I am extremely passionate about our creator/God and all he has brought me through in my life. I have endured some very humbling life experiences that has allowed me to be able to help other people who are going through similar life experiences. I am a domestic violence survivor, struggled from P.T.S.D/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, abandonment issues, and alcoholism. The life I lived could have killed me many times over or made me clinically insane and even physically impaired which has happened to many people. Well there is only one reason why I am still here today alive, sane, and physically very fit and that is because of The Almighty God! I would love to be able to maintain my website in order to acknowledge God and to touch other people in ways to encourage, uplift, and let people know that they can make it through! I am also working on becoming a PWS/Peer Wellness Specialist and wanting/needing to do as much intensive training that I can do, so that I can assist a broader range of people and issues. I am so excited and highly motivated. I look forward to you following me on this journey. In Jesus name, Amen.
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My goals are to get as much intensive training as I can to become a peer Wellness specialist a peer support specialist/social work. I also need to be able to maintain my website godshotswithcasey in order to continue acknowledging, praising God ,and to uplift, encourage, and give people something to think about with my true stories and other people's life experiences as well. This is my purpose in life to be able to help as many people as I possibly can navigate through their life experiences and hardships.
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