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is creating new construction possibilities for speedboats
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About L&M Results

Hello out there!!

We are two younger, german friends and we love to built things out of steel and wood. Normally we built smaller things with a motor like a crate racer, but now we want to built, what we dreamed about for many years now. A own Boat!! Our aim is to built a boat like on the Picture above completely on our own with our own tools. Also we want to figure out how it could be possible to built our boat very easy but also with high quality. At first we just want to built the hull and paint it. In the next step our aim is to finish the work with the rudder, steering wheel, the propeller, the electric and the motor. In the last step we want to equip the boat with some chairs, some more electronic and some wood.

We are clearly motivated in this project and want to finish it well.
But to get our project started WE NEED YOUR HELP! Without your help, our project would continue to be just a dream. Our patrons mean a lot to us! They are a part of our project. We want to make videos while building the boat and our patrons will be called in the videos and get linked. We want to make sure that our patrons and we have fun while going together trough this Project. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS US!!

Leon & Moritz
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Lets get this project started!
Our first step will be to get a amount of money together to afford the first material. As son as we reached our goal the first video will be posted!!
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