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Hello! I'm an up and coming actor who has been acting, as of this year, forty years. I've done thus far, almost exclusively, all theatrical productions, but in wanting to make the move to television and film full time, there are many things that need to be done that requires a great deal of monetary expenditure. Things such as continuing and ongoing training, headshots, promotional materials, and  travel to auditions and casting calls. These personal costs have all proven to be quite steep for me.
My situation is a bit unique, as I am on a fixed income from medical disability. My disability resulted from severe diabetic peripheral neuropathy & being a right leg below the knee (trans-tibial) amputee. Acting, like so many different ventures in life, takes dollars to make dollars. I'm hoping that this page may help me to defray the ongoing costs of these many necessitous expenditures.
Please accept my deepest and most sincere gratitude for any, and all patronage. It's truly a God-given blessing..
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To me, my biggest goal, first and foremost, is to act; to gain acting opportunities through the betterment of my acting craft and abilities. 
I believe that no actor ever has, or will ever gain all the wisdom, knowledge, or skill that she, or he, will ever need. It's very much an ongoing process. A journey that doesn't end.. The very best of us have a voracious desire to learn, to become continually better. That learning comes not only from experience, but by seeking the best teachers and learning environments. That is my biggest goal.. I want to have and bring my best "A-game" every single time to the table. 
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