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About UWO Headquarters


Uncharted Waters Online Headquarters is a UWO fan site and database.

Its purpose is to provide meaningful information to our fellow mates and scurvy seadogs.

Sure UWO is great enough to keep a loyal base of experienced fans playing for years... There are regular updates and new content released so that's not a problem.

But UWO seems to fail miserably to catch / maintain / nurture the interest of a newbie player.
New players are plagued by inexistant, incomplete, outdated or misleading information that's all over the internet, which makes the learning curve very, very steep and many drop the game before learning to enjoy it. Only a tiny part of this problem was fixed by this site (UWO Headquarters).

However, making this a professional website (or any other) is not possible without the support from its users. It's a job that takes a lot of time and everybody has their own bills to pay so..., please consider supporting us to continue this work.

Also, please note that UWO-HQ and all its website content will always be free and available for all players.

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