Henry G Stanton

is creating Oil, gouache, watercolor paintings
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About Henry G Stanton

I am delighted and honored to have the chance to partner with patrons of my artwork.  I have been a painter and a writer of fiction and poetry for at least 40 years.  I have deliberately lived my life as an artist outside of the typical organized methods of becoming a recognized artist and writer.  I took this approach because I found out early that academic, formal artistic and literary environments, and networking were not something I could balance with the demands of being a sole provider for my family and creating.  These three things competed unfavorably in a psyche like mine so I gave up pursuing a "career" in the creative arts.  I am older and hopefully a little bit more mature now and have trimmed a lot of excess from my life so that I can devote time to creating artwork and sharing it with others.  Like most of us who create, I do want to be recognized but my motive is more about the art then myself as the artist.  I feel with much of my artwork that it is more found or discovered than created or built.  So, I want to get it out there more in the sense of "look at this beautiful and interesting thing that I found."  I am selling paintings and I am a published poet and fiction writer.  But, my revenue stream is tight, I still have a family to care for, and I am totally obsessed - driven - to create artwork.  Thank you for your consideration.  Creating is a partnership with our audiences.  I am very clear about that.  I look forward to working with you.

Please visit my website at www.brightportfal.com. Thank  you!

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