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        Yo what's up fellow Savages! 😎 Savage Luffy here and welcome to my Patreon everyone! I am making this Patreon account/page in order to hopefully help improve my YouTube account and the content that I post on their. I just basically create & post AMVs of random Anime that I like on their and if you guys like my content then please help me out, I would appreciate it so much! 🙂🙏 The funds that are donated from you guys will go towards the purchase for better equipment so I can improve my content and share it with all of you guys that love my videos and really want to support me. Also maybe i'll even start doing some giveaways for some cool items in the future if you guys are interested in doing so! (Nothing to extreme though haha). 🙌
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        A second camera would come in handy for other filming purposes so that way I can produce better quality videos than having to use my phone.
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