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My name is Isaac Creager, and I am a composer. I am 19 years old, and have been composing since I was 14. Music is my passion and my art. It's how I best communicate with others, and a way for me to share things that I otherwise would not be able to share. Like mathematics, music is a universal language. It's a way humans can share ideas, thoughts, and experiences, without even having to have met.

I want to turn this passion into my career. One day, I hope to have my music programmed alongside the genius's of the past. I also want to make a YouTube channel/website in order to upload free internet resources for other people just beginning their musical journey. I plan to create a full music theory course, orchestration resources, composition courses, and even provide 1 on 1 composition advice.

In order to help me finance all this, I need financial support. I'm currently attending the University of Cincinnati, and working a part-time job. With only being able to work about 20-24 hours of week due to school rules, I need more financing to help me continue my dream.

Your donations will go to my Website, YouTube channel, compositions, and all the other things that I listed I was working on. 

Thank you for taking your time to help me make my dreams a reality,
Isaac Creager
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