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About Christy Norfleet

I am an artist and I invite you to travel with me on my journey to make the seemingly impossible a reality. Thanks for the comp
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My goal is to use my God given talent to achieve my family dream. My mother and father have worked two jobs ALL of their lives to provide for their children and our children. They have never relied upon assistance from the government nor hand outs from anyone else. They have demonstrated that hard work is the way you achieve your dreams. My father was rendered unable to work due to many heart attacks and upon coming home from the hospital he purchased land and built a home himself for his family. He and my mother have made it possible for eight children to be successful. Three of my brothers served their country two as marines and one "an army of one" the other three attended college. My sister and I attended college as well.
Our parents have nurtured over 20 children in that home and likely over 50 in their previous home. They have 23 grandchildren which they have assisted in caring for and 9 but soon to be eleven great grandchildren which they also have contributed their care. They are both loving and kind nurturing people. My mother suffered a stroke which has left her disabled. We lost our youngest brother this year and were he here to attest he too would say that our dream is to give them what they've given us.
My father is my mother's nurse, cook and companion for life and he wouldn't have it any other way. He is also still "daddy daycare " for some of his grandchildren. He changes diapers, and kisses boo-boos before applying bandages and chases after my extremely fast nephew whom we call "the runner" all while saving the one we call "wild one" who climbs things simply to leap from them from his dangerous exploits and holding the one we call "big B" who only allows my dad and his dad to hold him. Typically, there are at least 8 "little ones” all under the age of 5 with the exception of 3 of them.
Were it not for my parents many of us would've had extremely costly daycare and may have likely not been able to pursue our dreams. I know for me personally they made working, college and attempting to start a business possible by providing childcare which I knew my kids would be in a learning and loving environment. They provided my children with an environment in which they could grow and their developmental stages not be interrupted.
I am extremely passionate about this and I am not asking for a hand out simply allow me to create a piece of art for your family to cherish in order to make my parents dream come true. I wanted to send them on a vacation however being home with their grandchildren is exactly where they love being. My last visit a few days ago witnessed my nephew lying asleep beside my mom on the bed while my dad changed diapers in the living room on the couch. I want their home to be more comfortable for them as well as their grandchildren.
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