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About Lars Rene

Edeb8 is an entirely volunteer organization dedicated to providing the best platform for online debate of the most crucial topics. The service is completely free to all, forever.

Why we're a worthy cause
Edeb8 creates important dialogue and discussion on some important and occasionally obscure topics. It encourages research, critical thinking, persuasiveness, and logical skills. Above all it encourages dialogue, and encourages users to argue from different points of view.

As well as educating each other, I continue to develop the site to make it as great as possible, and support users.

Why we need money
While I'm happy to cover the basic running costs of edeb8 out of my own pocket, my budget can only go so far. As edeb8 grows and expands, some features that many users have requested may require additional investment. The main two such features, at this present time, are recording video debates and advertising the site via AdWords to attract more potential members.

Every single pledge will go directly towards these two ends.
$0 of $30 per month
This would allow us to scale a lot better, but more importantly, to record live video debates.
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