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About RJay Taylor

Hey Friends!!
My name is Rjay, and welcome to my Patreon Page!!! Whooooo!! Jambo! What's up! Hola!! Aloha!! I am born and raised in California and I lover of life and all this Disney! Literally  I was born at Disneyland... (ok not really) but I might as well  have been, with my obsession! I am also a Blood cancer Survivor! In 2012 I was diagnosed  with I.P.T, and fighting  everyday to be  remain cancer free. As a survivor as cliche as it sound I have a new lease on life and have been given a second chance! I refuse to let this Beautiful  thing called life got to waste, so this page  is all about getting  the support from you to challenge  myself to do some amazing things! Not to say I haven't,  I mean in 2004 I made it to the top 50 in American  idol, won plenty  of local music awards and sang on many move soundtracks. Now, I have the opportunity  to create  much more content  and experience  life on a whole new level, with your support we can it happen. So, lets see the world one disney park, song , and life at a time!

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