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Hello, my name is Brandon, I'm a 29 year old male that loves to game.
I love to play video games since I was little. My first video game
system was the Super Nintendo and the first game I played was the
super mario world. I love to share my experience with everyone the
good and the bad. I love to play all sorts of games from old to new.
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My roommate and i are wanting to go to thailand and do vlogs there,showcase what thailand is all about,and! do a give away to one of our lucky subs on pateron(Will be a high tier item that we give away(Ex: gaming chair,computer part(Names will be drawn random))! If you can help us out with that would be amazing!Will be SURE! to put your name in our end credits! (FYI be sure to check my roomate YT channel out as well)!
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