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 This is a "welcome and thank you for checking us out" tier!You get 2 weeks of the very powerful level 1 course  HOW TO MANIFEST QUICKLY BY HAVING FUN with separate instructions on how to apply the tools. When challenges come up, what to do to not get derailed is important to know. Also included are weekly posts about manifesting secrets.
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Awesome level! you get the full 30 day course level 1 with instructions on how to apply the tools, plus a personalized coaching session on how to stay centered and work through any difficulties that may arise. 

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Now you want to burn!  You get the full 30 day course level 1 with instructions on how to apply the tools, plus your own personalized

energy clearing session once a month. This is a powerful healing session that will help rid you of blockages in your energetic system. Energy clearing sessions are valued at $150 if you were to book it separately without being a patron




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We are two creative writers and music creators who explore the art of manifestation with ease. Almost everything you've been taught about the Law of Attraction is misguided, incomplete, or just plain wrong! Imagine if you could really create the beautiful things you've asked for, and what if you
could get a complete mind make-over! In our powerful "How to Manifest Quickly by Having Fun" 30 day course we will teach you how to cut through the haze of well-worn concepts, to get right down to the real magic of creation. The writing in this course will help "tune" your vibration to a higher frequency, where the good stuff exists. Get a tune-up and attract better stuff. It's as simple as that. 

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