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I make 3D models anyway. I spend inordinate amounts of time working on these, shaping them, UV mapping them, texturing them, rigging them, and making them available as Poser content and, if I have time to learn, as assets prepared for other 3D software as well. This will happen whether or not you pledge patronage.

However, the more you pledge, the less I'll have to do other, more boring work to pay my way through life. That means the more time I'll have to spend on this, my actual driving goal. As a result, the more content I'll create and the more freebies you can download and play with.

So do it. Make this my job, not my hobby, and help everyone reap rewards.
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Right now, I have to work normal contracts as a programmer to may the bills. I'm not talking about anything exorbitant. Rent, car payments, that sort of thing. Normal life expenses. However, if I can bring in enough from patronage, I won't need to waste time doing that sort of thing and can focus my time and efforts on this.

Oh, I know what you might be thinking: why should *I* get out of working a normal job when everyone else has to. Well, the fact is that not everyone has to. Many people are able todo what they love for a living. The problem is bridging the gap between "trapped in a daily grind" and "creating content for a living." That's what you can help with.

In the long run, I won't need to be able to make $500 per asset (when I say asset, I don't mean a prop: I mean a full character package with morphs and textures and conforming clothes and props and installers and the works).

But to bridge that gap, I will.
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