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About Marsjake8

On this channel, we hope to provide our viewers with a great experience of not only news videos for modern entertainment in the music and video game scene on our Youtube, but also to provide fans with an opportunity to interact with the streamers.  A couple of goals we hope to strive for

1. Progressing the Channel - Of course, building up requires funds, and so one of the other goals that we've had is to acquire enough funds to allow us to continue growing our platform both on Youtube and Twitch. This is primarily where we want the vast majority of the funds to be channeled to along with charity events.. As we get bigger and if a stable income is achievable  this may change slightly down the line, but the main priority will always be to use the funds to grow the platform with new equipment, software, content, etc. all in the goal of giving fans the best possible 

2. Charity - One our biggest goals is to amass enough fans to regularly push for charity events. It's personally been one of my biggest goals with both my Youtube and Twitch channel. It's that goal that we will continue to strive for.

  Next we want to talk about some of the projects that we want to work towards in providing our fans great experiences. Over time this will most likely change and of course, updates will be provided as they do. For now, though these are some of the projects that fans can either expect from us now or in the near future. 

1. News Flash Videos - This is our regular series on Youtube where we take a bunch of recent news in the current Metal/Rock/Punk Music Community and the latest video game news and trends and give our own personal touch to it. Generally fans can expect two episodes a week but this can vary based on the amount of news that week. 

2. 100 Hour Gameplay Livestreams - During such events, we hope to livestream a total of 100 hours of gameplay with an individual game like Monster Hunter: World, Fortnite, Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Seige and so on. During these events, donations are absolutely appreciated, and following our commitment to charities, we want to have the last 5 hours of these events be dedicated to donating to charities.

3. Dedicated Conversations - One of the things that we enjoy the most on this platform is the engage in in-depth conversations about the various parts of life among ourselves and with our fans. 
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When we reach $500, we will record a special [email protected] video where the fans can give us questions they want us to answer.
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