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A couple of years ago, when I first heard about the new Toastmasters program "Pathways" I would never have believed that it would lead me here, starting my own club. I'm a loyal Toastmaster. I joined Toastmasters in 2009, and it has meant a lot to me. I've served in nearly every officer role including president many times. I've learned a lot that has helped me in my career which has included starting my own business, being interviewed on TV, meeting with important people and pitching my ideas to future clients. When traveling I always visit the local Toastmasters club as a way to connect to the community and learn new things. I've visited clubs in Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Montreal, Seville, Raleigh, NC and Charleston, SC. Back in my home club of Albuquerque, NM, I've met dear friends. And I even met my husband. Needless to say, I love Toastmasters!

In my experience, I've seen that Toastmasters attracts two different types. The first are people who use Toastmasters for job skills improvement; the second use it as a hobby and a social gathering. Neither type is superior. Both are valuable. But I'm worried that Pathways is shifting too much focus towards the corporate members and leave the social, community members asking "Is Toastmasters still for me?"

My mission is not to be against Pathways or Toastmasters. My mission is to be in favor of maintaining community-style public speaking forums. We need that place to come and gather with our neighbors. We want to hear speeches on a variety of topics that aren't necessarily viewed through a corporate lens. We want to have a club where it's okay to just focus on speaking, where we don't have to make podcasts, build a social media presence or lead 20 minute discussion panels.

If this mission rings true to you your donation is welcome. Even $5 will allow continued support for community-style speaking clubs. $20 offers support to even more clubs. The Public Speakers Club maintains a user-friendly website, developed free downloadable manuals, compiled extensive club guidance and resources, and manages a shop with meeting materials at very low-markups that we coordinate and ship ourselves. We do all of this so that clubs who can't adopt Pathways don't have to go it alone. These are usually clubs with accomplished members not looking to build career skills like Senior Center clubs. Your generosity is essential to the continued success of The Public Speakers Club and we are excited to embark on this new adventure with you by our side. Now let's get speaking!