Frostygirl (Stacy)

is creating new art and a new life from the comfort of her very own bed!




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About Frostygirl (Stacy)

My friends call me a serial crafter. This makes a lot of sense, considering that my hobbies in the past four years have included...get ready!

Glass bead making, miniature glass blowing, knitting, crochet, felting, making soap (melt and pour, cold and hot-process, all by scratch,) felting said soap, acrylic painting, jewelry design and construction, book binding, drawing, coloring, water soluble colored pencils and ink pencils (did you know some ink pencils work on fabric?!?) embroidery and cross stitch design and execution, cake decorating, and watercolor painting, the first and most magical art I was exposed to.

Five years ago I had my dream job. I taught people of all ages to make their own glass beads and do miniature glass blowing on a table-mounted torch. I was able to travel the world, teaching in the U.S., Italy, and even Dubai! I assumed it would be my career for the rest of my life. You know what they say about assuming...they’re RIGHT! I fell ill while at a conference in Las Vegas and have yet to recover.

After seeing many doctors and having dozens of tests run I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and haven’t been able to teach since. Most of my days are spent in bed, and some days I sleep around the clock. What a blow! Still, life is precious and I know I have something to offer the world so I’m keeping my chin up and distracting myself as well as I can.

Some of the best ways I’ve found to keep my spirits up are to maintain my natural curiosity, to research anything that catches my attention, to run with my new interest if at all possible, and to always have something I can create with at hand so I can pick it up and just play when I’m feeling well enough. This has required quite a bit of organization which I really enjoy and feel is an art form in its own won’t believe my portable painting studio or the number of magnets I’ve gone through in creating it!

My goal is to to share the excitement and satisfaction I get from “serial crafting,” to give you a window into whatever it is that I’m currently working on, and to learn something together!

Thanks for joining me on this grand adventure!