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Hey, thanks! Big things come in small packages, and this tier is all about that! It's a big thing supporting a content creator, regardless of amount, so my heartfelt thanks. Here's what you can expect from this tier:

  • Access to view the 'Patron Only' feed, which includes sneak peeks, behind the scenes info and random things


  • The warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you're helping a content creator! Yay for you!




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Hey, there, internet friends! I see you've found my super official Patreon page! Thanks for stopping by. I'm maskedbandit and I enjoy playing simulation games in a creative way. Planet Coaster is currently my main jam where I focus on realism and scale, but I enjoy just about any simulation game that allows me to build, create, and have a good time. The best part of all of this, though, is sharing my content with all of you. So, first off, thanks for everything already! Your likes, comments, subscriptions, and all that give me the warm fuzzies and I am sincere when I say thank you.

If there's a Patreon, there's always a catch, isn't there? I've been at this a long time (my first video hit YouTube back in '07) and I'm reaching a point where, to further expand my abilities and efforts, I need help. Help from you. My YouTube channel provides a (very) small amount of income, but not enough to really up my content-making game.

Making high-quality content can be expensive (like, really expensive). I have been working on a rather bare-bones set-up for a while, and everything I've collected over the years has come out of my own pocket. Bottom line: I want to take any and everything I earn from Patreon and dump it directly back into my content creation. A few things I would love to put Patreon funds towards:

- Montly subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud for higher quality video
- Montly subsription to Epidemic Sound for higher quality music
- Various computer/gadget upgrades for higher quality live streaming
- New games that you would want to see me play

Hey, don't worry about it. Totally understand. You go ahead and keep enjoying all the videos and streams free-of-charge. That's never changing. Your support, whether you can throw a few bucks in or not, is always super appreciated.

How mighty generous of you! If you think you can do that and you want to throw it my way, I have a few nice little perks for ya. Take a look at the tiers and see if one of those are worth your investment. Thanks so very much!
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