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About Kolieee

The simple version (which there could never be) is simply, I am not average, nor typical, nor could one single word ever define me! I am different, I am vibrant, and work hard to achieve the success and life of my dreams. I love to laugh, sing, and dance in the rain. I enjoy big fancy dinners, or baseball games with a beer… I am down to roll up my sleeves and get dirty, and live my life as if I live in a Disney movie and seriously waiting for my damn glass slipper to be returned. Awww yes, and Music.. I cannot forget music.. I live for music, loud music. All about that bass.. that bass, no treble. People tend to view me with a strong personality, some would say overbearing, what can I say, people either love me or they hate me, I tend to go big or my ass won't even get off the couch. I too am like Chris Brown and "work hard, and play hard" with a motto like 50cent's, "get rich or die trying". I am a doer, I choose love, and I am on my very own pursuit of happiness.
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