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 This tier does nothing but help me create more videos and support my day to day life so I may do more videos. 

  • Exclusive Discord Role

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 Access to Vip Area In Discord

  • Play Music At The Press Of A Button With Our Music Bot

  • Play Are Large Variety Of Different Discord Games

  • Exclusive Discord Role & Quality Of Life Rewards 

  • Personal Stat Checker Fortnite,  Apex Legends, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4.

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By contributing $15.01 receive the following rewards:

  • Exclusive Discord Role

  • Access To Videos earlier than everyone else*

*I'll try to do this the best I can

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This does nothing but help me, this tier doesn't really count if you get it I'll talk to you a lot and we can chat about using some of your ideas in future videos

Includes All Previous Rewards

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About DBX Clan Official

Welcome to the Patreon for the YouTube channel DBX Clan , by donating to become Patron, you will receive rewards as a thank you for helping me in making this become something I can do more often.

Why Should I Pledge?

Donations allow me to dedicate more time into DBX Clan allowing me to improve the channel by bringing me a step close into turning it into a full time job. Patreon also allows me to spend more time On The Quality Of My Videos Eventually I may even be able to hire an editor, recording and editing videos on top of real life stuff is difficult but with an editor it becomes a whole lot simpler as I would not be alone in the process.

What Do I Get Out Of This?

Becoming a Patron grants several great rewards as a thanks for supporting me, the main thing is your name being in the video description and exclusive roles on my Discord. Currently there are 4 tiers of patrons, they're all cheap To keep simplicity, I don't want to have to do so much on Patreon that it could reduce my workload. Even though I am willing to take time out of my day to help the people that fund my channel, I don't want there to be so many tasks involved with it that they could actually delays my videos.
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If I can make it to my goal I might be able to turn YouTube Into  A Full Time Job. Hopefully this can help me upload 3-6 times a week or hire a professional editor to create custom animations, thumbnails and give me a more unique style to how I create videos.
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