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I have a dream to live the sailing life and I need your help. Try as I might to scrimp and save life's obstacles seem to always get in the way. So in the name of perseverance and with the help of the internet I have decided to try and see if I can make it happen on this platform. Only with your support will I be able to take this journey and to be able to create and enjoy a happier life at the same time.

My intention is to raise enough money to buy a sailboat and live aboard sailing through out Pacific Northwest and Alaska first and then the world. I expect to be single handed most of the time but may have a guest once in a while. I will video the journey to give my Patrons a virtual experience. Given enough funds and digital storage I will have multiple cameras and record around the clock and if possible do a 24 hr live stream. I will also be creating original music videos as well. So hopefully that will be entertaining content.

Zero or near zero emissions and Green as possible is my ultimate goal. The sailboat will be refit with all electric for propulsion, heating and cooking except when solid fuel is needed. I want to be as off grid as possible for as long as possible.

You can also support me through my Gofundme at