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You're a rich girl and it's gone to far
'Cause you know it don't matter anyway
Say money, money wont get you too far, get you too far
It feels like we haven't seen each other in years
Why don't you join me for a couple of beers clink cheers wow
I seen you on my facebook profile sending me a message
And offerin' the smiles out
Hows your dad doing, still rakin' in that dough huh?
Your suppose to laugh that's a joke hun'
I like to poke fun, so don't take it to the heart
Last time I heard you was in school studying art
So what! you dropped out and now your workin' the bar
But I thought you had it make a big house and a car
I'm a tried to get paid for what I say on stage
But if your already paid then I guess you got it made

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