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Thanks Fam!
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For the price of a taco (and mayyybe a small drink) you've literally made our lives as creators that much easier. For that, $3 are entitled to a free sticker, pin and a hug when you come to our next show.
Listen / Watch It First
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Ok now we're getting serious. For the friends of ours who can donate $5, we will supply advanced private links to new songs and videos a full week before we share them with anyone else. Make sure to leave your email with us so we can add you to the VIP premiere list. 
Let's Get Personal
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Ok. So you're obviously a hardcore fan. For that we want to get you a copy of our "Going South" Vinyl, a Devil Season t-shirt, 5 stickers, a shout out post on IG and a shout out in the liner notes of our debut album which we are recording now. Not to mention first look and listen of the new songs and music videos we put out before they hit the interntez!




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Devil Season is a band from Long Beach CA. First, 
thanks to each and every person who found their way
 to this page to check us out, find out about more
about what we do. Welcome to the family. 

What started as a small project using loops, minimal 
production and bedroom beats has morphed into a 
four man tribe of limitless expression. We released
our first album,Going South in Spring of 2018 and
Now we're on a mission to release a new song and/or 
video per month as we continue to build our community. 

We also want to thank all the friends and fellow 
artists helping us on this journey by paying 
them for their creative input on the projects
we put out. This is a chance to get in on something 
special. Take it! If you like funk, grime, 
punk, hip hop and random shit, this is the band 
for you...

$3 of $400 per month
$400 per month allows us to create a solid recording or music video and helps us promote it
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