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About 4Wheeling Papua New Guinea

4Wheeling Papua New Guinea creates engaging, exciting and important content and videos showcasing the importance of four wheel drives in Papua New Guinea.  Papua New Guinea is considered one of the final frontiers in the world, with amazing cultural experiences and adventures to be experienced - 4Wheeling Papua New Guinea aims to show case this to our followers.

We also have the PNG community at heart of everything we do and making valuable contributions to the communities we visit.  We also want to promote four wheel drive adventure tourism as a viable and sustainable business model for rural communities in Papua New Guinea.  Lastly we also hope to highlight the challenges rural communities face with basic services such as health, education and transport and connect organisations that can assist in providing these basic services better in these communities.

So follow us on Facebook , Instagram and YouTube and support 4Wheeling Papua New Guinea and it's communities, by coming along on the adventure to truly experience this unique and magnificent country.

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