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Even though achieving things and being passionate about gifts might take risks sometimes, one should experience life in different perspectives in order to have ultimate life-giving stories. Due to my passions and thirst for developing many experiences, I went to Art Schools and traveled to many countries.
I had a very compassionate interest in playing piano, visual arts, filmmaking, and writing, and I loved learning different languages. In order to develop all of my interests, I continued to nurture my gifts by making sure I applied all efforts as much as possible. I am now the pianist, artist, filmmaker, and photographer. Through these experiences, I learned that persistence, time and creativity were the most significant parts of life which are identical to money. One thing I learned about arts was that they might be viewed in different assumptions, but they all had life-giving messages and stimulations. Besides, I was always eager to improve my cognitive abilities by making sure  I worked hard. Despite the fact that it was hard to keep up with multitasking sometimes, all my gifts gave me courage and drive to move forward. My gifts gave me the ability to interact with many people, which allowed me to come up with many stories to share.
Traveling all over the world had been my dream; since kindergarten. Because I am a people person who would like to communicate effectively , kind enough to support people possibly and eager to learn new things I had the power to travel to many countries, such as Africa, Asia, Dubai, Traveling to these countries allowed me to accept people positively, develop my intercultural communication skills, and learn new languages. Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to believe in unity and developments to grow together. People had various intercommunications. Some intercultural communications created cultural shocks which made me believe that I was the product of all those cultural shocks and experience . Those are what made me who I am today .
In general , my talents allowed me to glimpse at various cultures and be interested . My passion to travel all over the world made me learn more about languages , geography , race, ethnicity, child rearing and important rituals from all over the world .
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When I reach $500 per month, I’ll start a special video editing series where I post every week."
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