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Plebians are the most important and most likely ubiquitous member of this page. For two dollars a month, the price of a Starbucks coffee,  you allow me to create content for YouTube, Minds.com and Bitchute uploads consistently and create time in my day to work on my book.  
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About Occam's Chainsaw Consortium

I love history, philosophy, and politics. I am an aspiring writer of political science and philosophical literature, and social commentary. I am creating content to understand the context for the beginnings of democracy and the underpinnings of the philosophy. Then follow the history of this philosophy in other nations that have evolved democracy in different experiments. This will continue through the enlightenment era and flourish with the current era. 
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      As far as earning money, I would be greatly surprised to become wealthy from this work. In a more likely scenario, I would like to earn enough money that would allow me to work on creating a book series. To do so, I estimate that I would need 1000 patrons that are giving a dollar or more a month. This will allow me to create content and will allow me to pursue the creation of my book while not hindering my fans too terribly much.
     The book will be highlighting the history of democracy dating back to the ancient Greeks, through the Roman empire and enlightenment era. Through this I will show the evolution of the American republic and the possible course corrections that can be possibly made to better the nation for all citizens. The video series will be an abridged version of the book.  Occasionally, I will create videos highlighting particular events and people of note in history as bonus content of which certain tier groups will have access to viewing.
     In the time leading up to completion of my books, I will be attempting to create one or more videos a week outlining the history and philosophy of these political eras to give the viewer a context about how America as we know and understand it now, has come to exist in its current form.
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