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My name is Arteliex, and I'm a dabbler in music, magic and gaming. I'd love to bring you with me on an incredible journey and achieve something more.
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You really like what I do? You're pretty alright. Have a cookie, you deserve it. Have 3. Anyone that donates this I'll take the comments from and read them all in a single youtube video. 
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You like me as a person. An individual. Well, I like you, too. A lot. You're pretty. Handsome even. We should hang out. Call me. This tier I'll make a really basic song and compile and sing any single comment you'd like on a youtube video. 
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Well, uh, that's pretty cool. I mean, you didn't have to, but you did. And that makes you pretty special. So, if you're generous enough for this one, I'll take TWO or more comments and read and sing them. I may even wink to let you know its you. 
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You might be my favorite person right now. I mean, the other tiers are pretty cool, but I mean, man, you've got pockets. So many pockets. No, all the pockets. You have all the pockets, and that makes me hot. Leave a comment with an action, and as long as it isn't illegal, I'll do my best to compile any and all of them and make a video doing them.
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Eldritch God of Wealth and Hubris
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On bended knee doth I pledge this mortal coil, ask and thy bidding shall be my desire.

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