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We've all had dreams of being a hit rockstar, discovering a new planet, or finding the eighth wonder of the world but then reality sets in. Bills pile up ontop of that book you were starting to write, picking the kids up from daycare overlaps with your bands practice time, and all of that.

That's what happened with me anyways.

Ever since I was little I had an affinity for music but there was no sense in my further pursuit of music because there's no money in the beginning. I was classically trained in a symphonic orchestral atmosphere but after that I locked up my musical prowess and moved on.

But the heart wants what the heart wants.

If I'm in an art gallery, I can hear what the painting or piece is telling me. While sitting in my thoughts, I can hear the music that would accompany my emotions. Reading and painting that picture in my mind allows me to hear what music would go with the particular passage or even phrase. It's maddening to be able to hear the music inside of my head but not have the motivation to let it outside of myself because there's no point...

With the rise of youtube and now patreon, I do have a means to get this music outside of my head and let other people hear what I can hear. I want to share this journey with you. Listen to the syncopated jazz beats with me, feel the heart of the rhythm beat within your chest, sense your primal emotions becoming invoked with the power of this music that I want to share with you...

Listen to me... And I'll take you to places you've never been before.
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