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Hello there! My name's Lewis, i am a young and Developing Artist. Since it's hard to go to School AND have a job, i wanted to try out earning money with Patreon! My Goal? Having enough money to buy a Computer, and make my Hobby to a Job. I am currently drawing on a Phone, which limits my tools and lowers my chances of improving. My Dream is to become a Graphic Designer, and maybe even develop my own games someday! But that's not possible with a Phone sadly. 

Benefits of supporting me:
i'll do requests! Art requests. Want something drawn? Send it to me on my social media and I'll get it done.
the better my tools are, the better art i can offer you guys.

i really hope to earn at least some Pledges over the time. It would mean a lot to me.
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First of all, we need a community! Improvement comes with motivation. The more of you lovelies there are, the more motivation I'll have to draw and try out new styles and techniques!
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