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Because we so appreciate you being here, leaning in and liking our work becoming part of the lifestyle of Prayer, together as a community.
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Hi I'm David and I'm a Spiritual Director (What is one of those? Read On!)

WonkyOblong = “Something that seems not to fit but has a perfect shape.” 

Ever thought why you are where you are, how you are being and who you really are?

So Spiritual Direction is the art of accompaniment and you are the answer to a modern conundrum!
"How do I help others with these creative gifts I have whilst being able to focus on the lifestyle needed to accompany others?"

In a way creating through Spiritual Direction is enabling others to become the shape they really are to find their sense of true self and creative passion. This community is there for those to look at life and breathe once again with the sense of mystery and wonder.

So, in practical terms your community and support will enable:
* Others to receive free Spiritual Direction (online or face to face)
* Freedom to live a Lay Monastic lifestyle of prayer and to encourage others
* Writing and study to share a culture of 'there is something more to this, so let’s go to the deep end…'

So if you are the answer, you are part of something, a growing group of wonders who are joining together to look at life and ask some serious questions. Community!

So (I like saying 'So' a lot), thanks for looking at this reading it and maybe looking at the articles/web pages that it relates to. If you become part of the community you get access to conversations, thought provoking mini articles and who knows what as it grows. Let’s head off on the journey, together…

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