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I'm the son of the author of paintings. My father wanted to be famous of his creations (his dream), that people understand the ideas he draws (not always, a part of interpretation is good too) and maybe argue or not. I decided to help him and I came with the idea to publish on some famous sites.

Why did I create patreon page? Well, we'll be honest. To gain some money. If we could get lots of money, my father would do an exposition of his paintings. It costs a lot in Switzerland to do an exposition.

It will be me who'll write and communicate between my father and you.
He doesn't know english, that's why I'll translate everything that he has to hear from you and what he wants to say to you.

Who is my father? Who am I exactly? Hmmm I think we'll save it for later but what we can say is that we both love videogames and films ^^ and if you're more curious about me, I read lots mangas, comics, etc.

I'm learning english so don't hesitate to correct or question me if you didn't understand what we wanted to say.

In the futur, if there are lots of people who want it, we'll do some lives, to show you how my father paints and how we look like!

I look forward to talk with you ;)
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If we reach this huge amount of money, my father will be able to open an exposition! This will take lots of time, we know but we aren't in a hurry ;)
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