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Probably the best tier. Simple, easy, doesn't break your bank. You get to vote one a month on the monthly image. Basically a series of ideas are collected by theme (Sent in by suggestions on social media) and you can vote on which you prefer. The winning vote gets the pleasure of winning the vote.
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Once a month you can apply for a lineart bust of a character you own. (Basically a lined picture from the shoulders up.) Free of charge. Well, besides the charge you're already paying. These are smaller scale pictures that can be done more frequently without breaking my back, and you're getting the rewards. 

You also receive all previous rewards. 

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A pat on the back, and coloring add to your monthly character bust. 

You also get Minion tier rewards as well.




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Hello! Hallo! Salutations! Words of Greeting go Here!

I am an artist. Now not to drain you all with woes or what not, but I'm going my own for the first time in a long while, and a patreon helps in dealing with the costs while providing a way for you the audience to benefit. But putting in this more radical and cool words (Because I'm told to calm down on the professionalism)...

I'm really excited to be able to work on my own, and finally focus on my own goals rather than goals provided to me by a guy is a suit who tells me the customer is always right. But reality says I still gotta pay the bills, and this is where you guys come in to help if you want. 

My donating to my patreon you'll be helping lower the stress on commission work, allowing me to provide more free content, or even just regular work on a more frequent basis. Even get me back into streaming or creating videos to go along with it. 

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you stuck around to the end. And for the person who skipped. Thank you too. Kinda. 
$0.92 of $50 per month
The goal here is to get back into streaming on a regular basis. Like once a week, every Friday/Saturday. 
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