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The batter of the cake.

You will be getting Previews of any new videos that I would be uploading to YouTube.
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Yes, the cake. You guys are not a lie.

You guys will be getting Un-edited footage as well as the previews.
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The Icing of the cake. 

You guys will be getting Previews of any games that I decide to make or help in making.

You also get the benefits of the lower tiers. 
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They lighten up the cake.

You'll be getting In-Game footage of games that are in development. 

You also get the benefits from lower tiers. 
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These people make the cake what it is. 

When any of the games that I make/help in making are somewhat playable, I'll see if I can give you guys a demo version.

You also get the same benefits as the lower tiers. 




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About VanillaCakePeople

My name is Tyler Law, also known as VanillaCakePeople or Cakepeople2. I love Aviation and video games which is what my Twitch and YouTube is all about. 

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