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Not only do you support me as an ally but you're sweetly open minded.
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Not only do you support the making of this book but you support the many kids who can have the chance to read this book in a state of loneliness to find who they truly are.
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You are my main warriors, my amazing golden winged angels, my majestic dragons. you could be that one lucky person who could be able to get a hard copy of the book! I will pick out randomly 1 person to get a copy of my book and who knows, it could be you!




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I am writing my real life experiences of being transgender into a book and I need funds to make this book into a physical copy in order to give it as my sweet 16 gift to my greatest friends. this book means a lot to me as it is a vent to release any thoughts that have been haunting me since I was a kid. I haven't had the best life but writing this book made me released that nothing is more important then living in the moment as it happens.
Here's my blurb to Pink or blue, Who Are You?":

This story is based on the real-life events and timeline with fictional identities.
Through the journey of school many children are questioning their lives within the future but not for Olivia, transgender and suffering with gender dysphoria, she questions her gender and notices that she is not the only one. The support is real as HE comes out to most people but the fear of coming out to his parents is tugging at his heart strings as he fears the emotional impact on his mother and their bond.
How does his mother take the news of her new son?
Will the family ever be the same?

Thank you so much for reading and if you have donated anything. it really means a lot.
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My Patreonies, I will leave a drawing from the book. :3

Thank you so much for making my dream become a reality!
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