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Thank you Dear Readers- you are amazing in all the right ways.  You are kind and smart enough to listen to us and generous enough to support us with a little dough. We are so happy to fill your ears with weekly tales of strange A'merkins, interesting book/art/music recommendations, and the lovely voices of Beth and Kelly, women in their 40's with all kinds of devious thoughts and opinions. 

We love you!

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Thank you Dear Dash Hounds!

 With this amazing donation ($5 per month is really $60 per year- we wanted to prepare you because this is the kind of math we can handle)- you will receive:

-A Huge and loving Thank You!

-A monthly Greeting Card made by Beth, with the intention of making you laugh, or smirk just a little.

-Front Row seating at any live show, with complimentary Cheese-Its.

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Is it getting hot in here?

Beth and Kelly are over the moon with gratitude and are feeling a little flushed, or are blushing, or don't quite know how to take your money and run. 

But we will figure it out. And with this fantastic donation you will receive:

-All benefits of the above Tiers PLUS

-A monthly newsletter emailed directly to you with active links to our book recommendations, music suggestions, and any important information about musicals or movies to keep you culturally on top. Which is where you should be at this stage in your life.




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Strange Country podcast is a weekly humor podcast devoted to well-researched, true tales of the bizarre as told by two friends who can't quite keep their opinions and distractions to themselves. Listen each week as we get together to dish about the old crazies and new weirdos, and learn that ultimately we are all connected and closer to the edge of the bizarre than we ever thought. 
Beth and Kelly are librarians, and former reporters, with a knack for finding and telling a good story. We read, write, and record, all while holding together our families, and working. But we would love to dedicate more time to this podcast. Our goal is to one day write a book, open a bookstore and visit with Dash Hounds all day! (Learn what a Dash Hound is by listening to our earlier podcasts!)
We greatly appreciate your patronage and support in making Strange Country as popular as Spirituality in the 1800s!
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We hope to surpass this goal. But if we make it to this we know we are on the right track. We will happily start a new segment in Strange Country when we reach out to our Dash Hounds- only the ones who aren't socially awkward-live during a show. Maybe you can share a story, or ask us for advice. We will let you Dash Hounds decide! Thank you always for your support!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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