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Are you cool? If not, then please don't join this tier. This tier is solely for the coolest kids in town.
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Thank you for sacrificing your daily coffee! As they say, software developers run on caffeine. <3

I'm not really sure if I'll add any benefits right now, but if I do, and you pledge earlier, I'll retroactively get you what you deserve

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I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this much money. Truth be told, if I found a dollar bill on the ground, I'd be quite happy. But if I found 5 dollars on the floor, then I'd be like... 5 times as happy. That's insane. 5 is a huge number. As I said, if I add rewards, you'll get what you deserve retroactively.




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About May

Hey there! My name is May and I'm a fledgling computer scientist.

At a young age, I taught myself how to program. I have dedicated my life to computers and I hope to, someday, find a career related to it. Though, in the meantime, I have to find a way to make it through these college years.

I love to produce whatever comes to my mind at the moment, be it writing, designs for a flag, or a piece of art that blurs the line between math, computers, and art as we know it.

What will you spend the money on?
Hopefully, I can get a new computer. Considering my studies, I don't think using my old, bulky laptop as a stand-in for a desktop will get me much farther.

Will you give rewards for patrons?
Once I figure out what works and what doesn't, yeah. If you become my patron and I add a new benefit afterwards, I'll try to give you each benefit you should've gotten earlier, so don't be shy about investing right now.
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If I get this much money, I'll be able to buy an entire pizza. That'd be awesome, right?
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