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Diaper Wearing Henchmen
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For those caught under the spell of the Elusive Diaper Magician...

Benefits: You don't have to use a toilet

Negatives: Please change it occasionally

Diaper not included

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You become a certified top in Top Castle. Congratulations!

You get absolutely nothing.

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You ascend beyond the mortal realm and into the world of philosophy and other crazy things. And also you lose 5 dollars

Benefits: Wow! You're ascended!


Where does your physical body go?

Hello? Is there anyone out there?

I want my five dollars back.




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In this world called Ass World... one thing is certain: PAIN
Ass World is an extremely stupid story featuring a variety of poorly drawn characters and really immature humor. It is written and drawn by one individual who doesn't like going outside.

"This is good you should spend money on it" - The Writer
"This is bad you shouldn't spend money on it" - Some goober you shouldn't listen to.
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