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The number 2 represents the power of me and you and the great work we can do when we unify our vision.    It is not a huge commitment but many hands make light work.  This level is a way to show your support and gratitude towards the content I share on You Tube / Patreon.  Let's open the portals to prosperity - we're all worth it . . .  we don't have to be poor to have integrity.  Many blessings, and a sincere thank you!
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This level is a way to show your on going support and gratitude towards the content I share on You Tube / Patreon and become more of a contributing supporter.  Thank you for your generosity, I will put this to great use to get more equipment and to justify more time making educational, explorative, and inspiring video & audio!  This level of support grants you access to all the content I produce for You Tube plus a digital copy of my book One True Nature - A Collection of Medicine Poems.   To give is to receive, and to receive is also a gift.  Let's open the portals to prosperity - we are all worth it . . . United we stand, divided we fall.  Thank you!
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This tier is for those that want to support the development of the Birch River Retreat Camp and have the option of attending an annual event at the camp (for FREE)  to see old friends review material, plants, meditation practise, and explore emerging content.  The goal is to help us secure the land, put in a well, and another yurt just for teachings, meditations, and ceremonies.  

At this level of commitment you will be acknowledged in many of the emerging video and audio releases for your on going contribution to this project and as a key supporter of the unfolding Birch River Retreat Centre and Medicinal Plant Preserve. 




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My name is Chad Cornell, I work as a Master Herbalist, Meditation Guide, Subtle Energy Technician, and Counsellor in Winnipeg, Canada. I have been operating a Holistic Centre here called Hollow Reed Holistic for the past 14 years and studying and practicing natural methods of healing for over 2 decades. I have two main goals with this Patreon adventure - One is to spread valuable and helpful knowledge, and the other is to create a retreat space and natural medicine preserve.  

Though I am still learning of course, I have a lot to share and that is why I thought I would try Patreon out as a platform and venue. I've been offering courses and hosting retreats in the boreal forests of Canada for many years now.  My main passion is natural healing methods that I have seen help people to realize physical health as well as emotional balance and spiritual self-realization.  I am of course interested in passing on knowledge about the use of diet, plants and mushrooms but also the endangered methods by which our ancestors healed and accessed inner wisdom before the age of materialistic sciences and laboratories.  It was not just trial and error!

So here I will be sharing important information and modern research on natural solutions for ourselves and our loved ones and I will also be exploring ancient methods of knowing. These ways include: working with dreams or dream yoga, working with teaching plants & entheogens, meditation techniques, something called the doctrine of signatures, shamanic journeying methods and much more. These methods are actually natural to us a likely a part of each and every one of our ancestral heritage.    

So again the goal of this project is two fold: I want to share the knowledge that I carry with others -especially those who are seeking to unfold on their path such as budding healers, artists, yogis, nature lovers or entrepreneurs.  The other is am in the midst of working to secure a beautiful sacred site where we can support a medicinal herb sanctuary as well as offer reconnection, healing, and educational retreats. The 132 acre property, which is on the Birch River, has almost no infrastructure so we have a quite few things to do to gently and minimally develop it - little by little.  What you can expect in general as a subscriber to my Patreon site is inspiring videos, audio recordings, class excerpts, interviews, and footage from the Birch River Yurt Camp as we bring this dream into reality.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this project, it's going to benefit many plants, animals, insects and people for years to come. United we stand, divided we fall, thanks all!

Chad Cornell M.H.

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