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Join us in bringing a "breath of fresh air" to families hardest hit by the world's worst air pollution. We reach out to families living below the poverty level in 10 of the most air polluted cities in the world with something very special. Instead of shipping air masks and HEPA filtration (both a great idea) equipment to these suffering folks, we send something else. Our flagship product "AiromaLung X4 Concentrate" is designed to strengthen and support the built-in filter that is already in the respiratory system. Once atomized into a fine mist, this aromatic formula is inhaled and goes to work in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. This fog that is deeply inhaled contains residual capbilities as it hosts 8 essential oils, Golden Seal herb, trace amounts of silver, zinc, mineral lime. These ingredients remain in trace amounts to serve your best interests in natural breathing function. The formula is drug-free and has no negative side effects. 

How to help:
SILVER LEVEL: Give a family of four a 6 months supply of AiromaLung X4 Concentrate and 1 emergency fine mist applicator with your one-time gift of $77.77 (your gift guaranteed to be a $85.55 USD value to recipients as we pay shipping out of pocket) OPTION: Auto-renew monthly for 6 months at $12.77 per month and bless them again with a refill at the 5 month mark.

GOLD LEVEL: Gift a family of four a 6 months supply of AiromaLung X4 Concentrate, plus a "Sport Newbulizer 1.1" machine and an emergency fine mist applicator with your one-time gift of 107.77 (your gift guaranteed to be a $118.55 USD value to recipients as we pay shipping out of pocket) OPTION: Select Auto-renew monthly at 12.77/month and bless the same family again with an AiromaLung X4 Concentrate refill shipped out at the 5 month mark.

PLATINUM LEVEL: Bless two families with Two Sport Newbulizer 1.1 machines and two bottles (approx. 6 months supply) of AiromaLung X4 Concentrate (helps up to 8 persons and that's 4 persons @ 2 different locations. $215.77 (your gift guaranteed to be a $237.35 value to recipients as we pay shipping out of pocket) OPTION: Select Auto-renew monthly at 25.77 and bless the 8 again with 2 refill bottles at the 5 month mark!

ROSE LEVEL: fill in the blank for any amount to go towards one of the 10 Breathing Mission fields.

  I betcha that 2 of the CDC's Top 10 Causes of Death are NOT even a tiny blip on your radar. They should be.
In less than 5 minutes i'm going to touch on these under-reported numbers and wrap up by asking you to consider my offered solution.

The C.D.C. reports TWO DIFFERENT categories of Death By Respiratory Failure.
  1. Heart/Circulatory Death at #1, Cancer at #2 ...CLOSELY FOLLOWED by Respiratory Failures at #3 (...A N D respiratory failure from Pneumonia/Flu at #8.)
  2. A 2017 report, Death by “Chronic lower respiratory disease” (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and COPD) moved from # 5 position TO NUMBER 3 cause of natural death in 10 years.
  3. Add the two respiratory categories together and you are approaching the cancer numbers.
Billions of dollars have been spent on the number 1 & 2 categories (heart & cancer epidemics) and the media outpouring with coverage with stories, commercials and drug promotions, etc. What about the third (and 8th categories with mortality numbers just as alarming? Where's the outrage and media coverage for THE BREATHERS? -----Crickets-----.

(See the CDC report or take the wake up call for the threat it is and move on to my next thought)

If you have ever had the flu or pneumonia, you directly flirted with the #8 cause of death as reported by the CDC.

I've had both!

If you have ever been diagnosed with asthma or bronchitis, (all COPD and Emphysema aside) you ARE ALREADY lined up to fall into the number THREE cause of DEATH.

Hey, That's me again...I have a history of repeated Bronchitis!

In a quest to save my own life, I discovered a key. What if I told you to change just one thing and increase your chances of respiratory survival ...would you be interested in this key?

Here's The Key:
The one thing that has to change is we must exit the statistics. The stats are based on averages. We must DO some things that the average person does not do and stop doing some of the things that the average person does. Increase chances of respiratory survival by making these 3 easy changes to exit the statistics:
1. Get the Truth on the Respiratory Failure Situation.
2. Make Effective Preparations.
3.Put Preparations into Regular Use.

You can LEARN from my story instead of experimenting with yourself as the guinea pig.
 My Story:
After many years of recurring respiratory infections, I was more than ready to inhale a non-drug remedy directly into my lungs. I searched and there was nothing natural available. As a prior Health Food Store owner, I knew what ingredients would help me. I bought 8 aromatic essential oils known to open airways, added a stout Goldenseal herb tea, a trace of zinc, silver and the mineral lime. My plan was to naturally support the God-given cleaning system found in the respiratory tract. These tiny hairs called "cilia” must be free and healthy to do their job. Next, I loaded some of my organic formula into a fine mist sprayer and deeply inhaled the mist for 15 minutes. After much productive coughing, my formula worked...I could breathe again! That moment made such an impression on me that I named the formula “Breathe Again…Naturally.”

Yes, I still get sick, but with my Breathe Again...Naturally Formula on hand, it seems I am stronger and my recovery is more robust.

Breathe Again...Naturally products can be found on ebay and etsy. Just search for Breathe Again Naturally on either platform.

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