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Pebbles are the lovely appreciated darlings of the earth. For $1, you have my thanks here and on Twitter. Every bit helps in my endeavors and dreams. Thank you.

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The Adventurines represent luck, as in I am lucky to have your support! For $3 you get 1 sketch each month. Available for up to 2 characters per piece.

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The Garnets are just as much appreciated and stand for creativity. $5 gets you a chibi drawing of your OC.




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About Cailadelrose

Hello and welcome to my Patreon page. My name is Cailadelrose and I go by Desert Rose, or just Rose in the MLP community. I am a traditional artist at the moment until I also add digital art to my list of skills. 

Being a Patren will help support my artistic financial needs as I developed and push my talents to improve without diving into my monthly income for bills. In return Ioffer monthly drawings of your OCs depending upon the tier you pledge to.  If I start getting supporters over $20, I’ll make a new tier. 

Thank you for taking time to look at this page and possibly consider supporting me. I have other goals for the future such as eventually purchasing equipment for recording videos on YouTube and developing my channel. When that time comes, I plan on adding more to my tier systems. 
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This amount will help to buy, on a monthly basis, more supplies for projects and raffles. 
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